Sirius Poll

Spurred on by a convo in comments to my last entry….

Yeah, I know there are in-betweens, but these are two extremes, and your choice is probably more on one side than the other. Feel free to argue about it in the comments if you think it’s too black/white.

Wow, I have to say that with just five votes in, I am floored at the results. We’ll see how it goes in the longrun. Unlocking post so you can pimp it and we can get more results. I want to see where this goes.

PS: If you would like to comment but can’t due to my comment restrictions, simply friend me and I will friend you back. No biggie. You can deflist me after if you like.

ETA: Just in case you were wondering what I am talking about in terms of examples:
pretty!Sirius: lile or mnemosyne
aragorn!Sirius (aka scruffy!Sirius): leela or lisa rourke.

Of course, those are merely examples, and you are welcome to share what you were thinking when you voted.

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