Bad news travels fast…

and since it took me forever to update you about the blaze on Catalina, you can guess that my friends are alright.We got a very thrilling story from one of my friends, but all in all, things turned out ok. One person lost their home. Someone who used to work at the Aquarium is now a journalism student and took some amazing photographs of the Catalina fire. Click on the image to be taken to naylomo‘s Catalina Fire set.

made his way back to his SoCal home to visit mom for the holiday this weekend, and he had time to meet up with the Chusma. We basically just had everyone over on Saturday night and hung out eating pizza, watching Planet Earth (on HD DVD – omg, you can’t imagine something like that, you have to see it!), and playing Guitar Hero 2 and Warioware Smooth Moves. We need to do stuff like that more often. It sucks because we all live so far apart, and that isn’t even counting that

doesn’t live in the same state anymore! Great peeps make for great times. I can’t wait til the wedding (Juan’s best friend Heyzen and Lynette are getting married next month) because after all the hard work of the day, we should all be able to hang out and have a good time with each other.

Last night I signed up for the free month trial of Netflix and made a list of almost 15 movies. We’ll see how that goes. If any of you want to be ‘friends’ on Netflix, my link is here.

Oh! And I forgot to mention something totally exciting yet mundane – we got a new couch!! OK, not really ‘new’, but new to us. We got it off craigslist for $200! It is a nice tan sectional with waffle fabric, totally removable cushions (when you remove the back cushions it doesn’t look all crappy or feel like there is anything missing either, which is extra nice) and a foldaway bed! Fits our living room perfectly, and the timing couldn’t have been better since we got it on Saturday, just in time for the get-together.

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