OK, so this weekend we finally rented and watched The Illusionist. It came out last summer right before The Prestige. Both were very easy to confuse for one another since they were period pieces dealing with made up famous magicians. The following is spoiler-free.

When we saw The Prestige, we left the theater in a buzz talking about all the awesome things that happened (and squeeing a little about David Bowie, but that is besides the point). When talking to people that had seen both of them we were told many times how The Prestige was way better than The Illusionist so we shrugged and said, “Cool, guess we caught the right one!”.

That is until a few weeks ago when people started talking about these movies again since they were easy to get on DVD. All of a sudden, the tide had turned and people were saying The Illusionist was way better. So, to find out for ourselves, we rented it this weekend.

Dude, nobody told us it would be a comedy.

OK, maybe not that bad, but there were some moments when we just laughed at how terrible it was. Come on, the butterflies? Really! And what the hell, the flashback/revelation scene at the end was so ridiculous we just about turned it off. I hate when they do flashbacks for a character from an impossible POV or about something they could never have seen.

The Prestige totally blew my mind when I saw it. It was awesome and the revelation was incredible.

So, my dear flisters, what did you think? And why? If you haven’t seen one or both, don’t read the comments because spoilers kill this sort of movie.

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