OMG Vacation!

I just booked our first real vacation! OK, we went on a cruise for our honeymoon, that isn’t so much a vacation as it is our honeymoon, duh! And the other times that our vacation has come around, we go to Vegas because we love it so and our home timeshare is there. Hell, I met a bunch of you last year because of that! 😀

So I just used our points to book two non-stop flights to Puerto Vallarta, Jal, MX for the second week in September! 😀 We will be staying at a really nice resort called The Mayan Palace which is located in a spot where we can enjoy the beach and the town and not necessarily be stuck on the resort all week. Mexico tends to have all-inclusive resorts and that is nice if we want to just stay at the resort and indulge in all the food and amenities the whole week. They charge about a grand a person on top of the reservation if you go all-inclusive!!!! They are insane. We’ll enjoy the resort, but what I really want to enjoy is the area. We will be ecstatic if there is a little corner taco stand and a seafood hole-in-the-wall place.

So all of our points almost covered the total, we only had to borrow a few from next year. This is great because airfare isn’t something you can count on being covered usually. It just worked out that way with where we were going and stuff. And the fact that we have a ton of points because technically we have two timeshares. Anyway…

I am so excited!!

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