Winds of (no) change

Yesterday was really windy here at home (nothing like the poor folks in Kansas, but that is a whole other story). We live right next to the LA River which is next to the freeway. Well, the area around the river is so dry and dusty so with the wind, it gets really dirty around here. I love the wind, but the dust is getting into everything! I had to remember to close the bedroom window because last time I left it open while I was at work, I came home to a crunchy-dust-covered bed! It was SO GROSS!

I left the window in the living room open hoping to enjoy the air, but as I cleaned the thick layer of dust, more dust would settle. Eventually, we just closed the window for a little while.

Today is the complete opposite. Hardly any air, but the air that is around is warm and discomforting. There is no real circulation and it just overall sucks. TOO HOT.

I don’t like that this year I wasn’t able to wear my coats. The only time I got to wear my good coat this year was for the Xmas party at Juan’s work, and that was more for looks than for need. My jackets are left hanging for another year. Not cool. Literally.

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AoP Education Page 01 - Team Building
This is the first in a series that I am making for an album about work.

San Francisco
Made it quickly but enjoyed the results.

Juan in Vegas
I LOVE this one. I just love the way Juan looks and the background and this kit, I dunno, I just love it.

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