Yeah, I got burned. Last Saturday morning, I made my way down Pacific Coast Highway to Upper Newport Bay. It was an overcast day with a very thick marine layer which I hoped would burn off by the time we put our kayaks in the water. I had 15 people (the max) in my group and everyone showed up on time. It is really hard to do the program in the summer because there aren’t many birds to point out or talk about on the trip. The action is there in the winter, even the weather. Instead we got June gloom and few birds. Oh, and the wind. Boy did we get wind. We worked against it the whole way back, it was tough and tiring, but overall, it was a nice morning. I mean, worst case scenario, I still got paid to go our kayaking, right? lol The marine layer did eventually burn off and my legs got burned! My face and arms were well protected, and got tanned, but my legs, yeah, I forgot about them and they got burned and still hurt.

That night we went to see Evan Almighty which Juan was really wanting to see. I was interested, but not as much as him. Well, it was cute and cheesy, make that extra cheesy. The CG was really bad and there were some gaping plot holes, but it is a feel good movie that unless I forgot something, should be fun to watch as a family.

Then yesterday Juan and I bummed it and watched The Break Up. I thought it would be funnier than it was, but it was really uncomfortable and painful. I am glad I watched it because I thought it was good, it just wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be.

Today, I purchased 16 tickets to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix IMAX 3D. People will be paying me back, actually, one already did, so do not fear, it is not coming out of my pocket in the end. I am really excited. I split them on two rows right smack in the middle of the theater. I really, highly recommend you see it in IMAX. The picture quality and sound are amazing, as is the size of the screen. And if you go to a really nice theater, you may also get assigned seating, which you can select, and then just stroll in a few minutes before the movie starts without having to worry about getting in line an hour before.

And a  scrap update:

The Graduate

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