Winding down, or is it up?

Book club last night was a total rockfest. It was really awesome to talk about HP with people that I knew IRL (and meet knew peeps too). So thanks to

for making the book club and setting up this special HP session. It was a record and we had over 15 people show up to her apartment! After our initial talks and discussions, I am proud to say that we used Immy’s very own 50 questions from the Predictions contest to guide us. It was incredibly useful!

Something I did find, however, is that my mind has melded into the fandom machine. There are so many things that I take for granted in fandom that sometimes it is enlightening to hear someone bring it up because I forget other people may not have heard a theory before (Snape/Lily anyone?). Oh, and bringing up the word “slash” is always a fun aside. lol

We will have a big meet after the book has been out for about a month. I hope the turnout is at least as much. 😀

1- Who will die?
Aside from minor characters that we really don’t care about? There are just too many Weasleys for them to all survive, perhaps Percy? Let’s also throw in Voldemort and Snape. Oh, and Bellatrix.

2- How does Wormtail repay his debt?

He gives Harry vital information but doesn’t do anything. He is too much of a coward for me to believe that he would actually take any actions other than talk.

3- Whose side is Snape really on?
His own. He ended up on the good side though.

4- Who is R.A.B.?
Regulus Arcturus Black

5- Is Regulus alive?
I don’t think so, but just for the fun of it, because someone suggested it and I liked it yesterday, yes. He is.

6- What role will the two-way mirrors play?
Also brought up yesterday. I don’t like this, but it would be enough. What if their role really is simply to illustrate regret. Lost opportunity. The fact that Harry is so freakin’ hard headed, he needs to get his head out of his butt to remember to look at the big picture once in a while. So in that sense, it has already served its purpose.

7- Will the following groups appear in DH and if so, what role will they play:
a) werewolves
– yes, the continue to kill/convert people. And Remus still suffers.
b) giants – yes, they will kick order/ministry/wizard butt
c) centaurs – no
d) house-elves – yes. Kreacher and Dobby still have vital roles to play. Informative. Kreacher’s hoarding abilities may also be handy.
e) goblins – yes, they finally rebel!
f) merpeople – no

8- Will Percy be reconciled with his family?
It will be a tragic reconciliation, on his deathbed or something like that.

9- If Petunia’s not a squib, what is she? And how does she know so much about the Wizarding World?
She is just a muggle who listened to her sister and family talk about the wizarding world.

10- Will Draco remain a Death Eater?
You can’t just quit, right? He will, reluctantly so.

11- Who’ll be headboy/headgirl?
Hermione & Ernie Mcmillan?

12- Will Bill and Fleur’s wedding take place without a hitch?

This is such an easy and perfect place to wreak some havoc. I will have to say a big fat no.

13- Will Sirius appear in DH and if so, how?
Memories, stories.

14- How will the Founders of Hogwarts be important to DH?
Learning about them to locate their artifacts for horcruxes.

15- What’s the significance of Harry’s green eyes?
Constant reminder of his connection to his mother. Love.

16- What objects do you think Voldemort used to make his Horcruxes?
OK, so there was the locket, the diary, the ring; then Helga’s cup, Nagini, and possibly Gryffindor’s sword or some sort of Ravenclaw artifact, like a fancy quill, I dunno.

17- Where is Sirius’ motorbike? Will it show up? What about the Ford Anglia – will we see that again?
I hope the bike shows up. I don’t think the Ford will.

18- Will Harry and Ginny get back together?

19- Will Remus and Tonks live happily ever after?
Does anyone? But they will give it a try. 🙂

20- Will Harry have to kill Nagini?

21- Will Harry go back to Hogwarts as student?

Yes, but will end up leaving soon after.

22- Who will be the new DADA Prof.?

Since Moody never really taught it, he is qualified to do so. Wouldn’t be breaking the curse there.

23- What is worse than death for Voldemort?
Being powerless and not being able to die.

24- Will we see Norbert again?

25- What does the Deathly Hallows in the title refer to?

The location of the final horcrux.

26- What will Harry find at Godric’s Hollow?

Memories and information.

27- What will happen to Bellatrix?
She will die in battle with Neville, but Neville will not be the direct cause of her death.

28- What did Dudley see when he was attacked by the Dementors?
This one is so hard for me. I dunno, and I don’t think we will ever find that out in the next book.

29- What’s the significance of Voldemort using Harry’s blood in GoF i.e. what does DD know that made his eyes gleam with something like triumph?

30- Will the Muggle world finally find out about the Wizarding World?


31- Who will develop magical qualities late in life?
Because of the wording, I would love for it to be Hagrid. It could be Filch, but I will say Hagrid.

32- Will we see the Dept of Mysteries again and, if so, what role will it play?
Yes. At least one item mentioned there will be useful to Harry in his quest to find and destroy all the horcruxes.

33- Will Harry use an Unforgivable Curse to get rid of Voldemort?
He doesn’t have it in him to use one, so no.

34- Will we see Fawkes again and, if so, when will he come back?
He will come back when Harry needs him the most.

35- What role will Aberforth Dumbledore play?

He will provide connections.

36- Neville has made significant progress in recent books, what will his role be in DH and will he make his Gran proud?

He has already made his gran proud. I think that he will continue to help Harry and will hopefully have a real chance of avenging his parents.

37- How did/does Snape feel about Harry’s mother?

I think he totally dug her, but then he made himself hate her for fear of rejection. It because easier once he pushed her away and she fell into James’ arms. To this day he convinced himself that he always hated her because he loved her so much.

38- Will we see Lockhart again and if so, why?

39- Is there any significance to Ginny being the seventh child or the only other one possessed by Voldemort?
The 7th thing has to show up. I feel it has a lot to do with her being such a powerful witch. She will be instrumental to Harry, as well as be a liability.

40- Why did DD trust Snape?
I don’t know!! I want to know! Perhaps it was the way that DD saw him grow up. That and the fact that Snape must’ve

41- What happened at Godric’s Hollow and was anyone else there that night? If so, who?

I can only imagine that Peter was.

42 – What happened to Florean Fortescue or Ollivander?
Olli got nicked for his wand-making abilities. Voldy needs a new one!

43- What will happen to the surviving characters post-DH?
Harry & Ginny will end up together, as will Ron & Hermione. Hermione will continue her studies to become a professor. McG will be headmistress.

44- How did the Potters become so wealthy?

Old Potter Money.

45- What will happen to the Dementors?

They will go back to guarding at Azkaban when Voldy dies because people are stupid like that.

46- Is Snape still bound by his oath to protect Draco and if so, what role will that oath play in the next book?
Yes, Snape still needs to protect Draco, and he may end up having to sacrifice himself by not protecting Draco to protect Harry.

47- Why did DD have James’ invisibility cloak?
Because it was a plot device. Nice way to deliver it. lol

48- What role will Fred & George play in DH?
They will continue to offer comedic relief in dark times, as well as useful products for the less-than-talented.

49- Who will be the new headmaster/headmistress of Hogwarts?

50- Does Wormtail’s silver hand have any other significance other than as a reward from LV for servitude?
I really hope so! OMG, what if that one is a horcrux too? What if it was Rowena’s powerful hand of knowledge or something? lmao

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