My feet, continued…

So innocent looking

So those band aids make it seem like I am being a little whimp. lol I am doing much better, so many thanks for the well wishes and comments of sympathy and support to my last entry.

I was due on Wednesday morning to change my bandages. I was still in pain and needed to keep my feet up so that my toes wouldn’t feel like they would explode. But slowly with tiny steps, we made it to the car. I sat in the back sideways with my feet up on a pillow. When we got to the hospital/doctor’s office, Juan went to get a wheelchair because there was no way that I was going to make it from the parking structure to the office. That was kinda cool. lol Oh the tiny pleasures! We went in and it was time to remove the bandages. Remember what they looked like? HUGE! So the one on the left, they removed the made-up sock, then the first layer of brown sticky bandages.OMG. So. Much. Blood.

It was layer after layer of blood soaked bandages. Once it got to close, it started to really hurt since some bandage got stuck to my toe. The assistant basically  poured a bottle of hydrogen peroxide on the bandages and toes to help peel them off. Then I saw my frankentoes.

Man they be ugly.

I had an internal freak out while they let them soak in hydrogen peroxide and fresh bandages. Then they sorta cleaned my feet up and the doc put some antibiotic ointment on the stitches and patched me up with band aids. Band aids which I have to peel off tomorrow. I am already crying about that inside. lol

Stitches come out a week from next Monday. The thought makes me wibble. I am a wimp! lol

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