Stupid clown feet

Foot surgeryI am in pain. I was in pain to begin with because I had two ingrown toe nails. The big ones. I kept trying to take care of them myself, but not even my podiatrist could fix them at my appointment a week ago. He simply dug in and relieved some of the pressure on my right big toe. I waited for the week and only wore some sandals that had toe room and protection (they are Airwalk’s version of the Keen sandal). Today I went in with Juan and they cut open both my big toes. My left was cut open on both sides and he cut my nail down to the root/base so it won’t grow in again at the edges. He stitched me back up and then went on the other toe and cut out one side. So that is why the foot on the left looks more retarded than the one on the right.

Thankfully, the whole thing was done with several shots of local anesthesia and he sent me down to the pharmacy to get a prescription of Vicodin and take two before the anesthetic wore off. So I did and by the time we got home it was hurting. Two hours later I was in agony.

I still had two more hours to go before I could take another pill. Right now the pain has become bearable for a little while, but I cried my eyeballs out this afternoon while Juan tried to make me feel better, but didn’t really know how. Poor guy, there really isn’t anything he can do other than what he is doing already, like fixing meals and helping me rotate positions and fixing stacks of pillows to keep my legs up.

Happy Birthday

and Immeritus.

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