Update time!

Wow, I haven’t updated in a bit. Well, with my computer gone, Juan taking care of work from home to be ready for the vacay, and the incredible heat lately, I haven’t felt like using the comp much.

But I do have a couple of stories to share. First one is from an overnight that I worked last Friday. It was a few groups of brownies. One of the moms came over to me while she was in line to drop off her bags and sorta whispered:

Her: “Nice sunglasses! Coach, eh? Very nice! I hadn’t seen them in that color, are they from the new Fall collection?”
Me: o_0 “What? My sunglasses? Uhm, no, they aren’t Coach (inside my head I was going “oh, so THAT’s what the symbols are!”). They are knock-offs.”
Her: “Really?! They look really good!”
Me: “Yeah, I don’t really buy them for the brand name, I just got them because I liked them (I actually would have liked them without the branding even more). I did the whole expensive sunglasses thing and all that does is make you worried that you are going to lose them/scratch them/have them stolen/etc. And you can only usually afford to have one pair at that point. I like variety and I don’t like to spend so much money on them. So these you can buy in Downtown LA for about $30 a dozen.”
Her: :O
Me: “Yeah, I don’t ever really see myself spending a hundred, or two hundred…”
Her: “Those would be $299”
Me: “Uhm, $299, on sunglasses.”

Then we thankfully got interrupted. Thank god, or else I would have busted out laughing. ME, with COACH sunglasses! LMAO! Wanna see my “Coach” sunglasses? lol Yeah, I’m sure you’ve seen me wearing them before. I have used them the most this summer.

The other one is not really a story. But it might turn into one. :p Puerto Vallarta has a ton of thunderstorms right now. If you hear of a hurricane in the area, don’t worry too much. I know they just missed one. It is the people that live there that get the worst of it. People in hotels and resorts are pretty well protected. Either way, we leave on Friday. And we are having a damn good time!

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