Vallarta, continued

Wow, where did the week go?!

Segundo Dia en Puerto Vallarta

We had to wake up early on our first morning here because we made our “timeshare” appointment for then. So we got up, got dressed, and went downstairs. We were handed off to David, a French/American/Mexican/Italian. I really don’t know what he was but he was born in Italy, raised in France, lived in the US (LA, actually), and eventually made his way to Mexico. Had a lovely French accent. He spoke to us in English but was also very fluent in Spanish which he only really used when talking to the other staff and not with us. Long story short, we spent about half a day with him (a long 45 minute presentation) that started with our free breakfast buffet. In the end, they made us an excellent offer especially since we essentially traded our timeshare for this fractional ownership with a membership with SFX (which will come in REAL handy). If it all turns out like expected, we will be making money on this in just a couple years.

MarinaSo yes, we bought in.

When we finally finished, we got our tickets for the tours and things that we wanted to do, as well as our free Kahlua bottle. We were starving by this point and we wanted to check out the marina which was in walking distance (we could actually see it from our balcony). So we walked pretty much the entire marina and ended up a little Mexican restaurant (we had plenty of choices, Chinese sushi (I don’t know either), Brazilian, Italian, French, etc). I ordered a plate of arrachera (carne asada-type meat) which was very tender and deliciously juicy and charbroiled. Juan ordered fish tacos and a fish fillet. The food was extremely delicious and we decided that if we had the chance, we would come back for their special two-person meal that included lobster and shrimp and meat. Unfortunately we never made it back. Before we left and walked back, we got dessert. Juan got some (I dunno what kind of) nut ice cream and I got a cacao one that was still in it’s shell. It was delish!

We walked back and it was sprinkling very pleasantly and we ended the night once again, playing pool. 😀

Tercer Dia en Puerto Vallarta

Swim up bars are awesome Ah, well, before we went to bed, I checked off what we wanted for breakfast on a door tag that I hung on the outside of our door. We would have room service in the morning. 😀 So yes, we woke up around ten and food was here. I ordered a chorizo burrito, Juan had an All-American egg and ham breakfast. After our lazy breakfast, we made our way to the pool. The resort had two pools, technically, but the large pool was sorta divided into three by different pieces of weird architecture (like white balls). The smaller (but not small) pool was higher than the larger pool, and it happened to be the adult one. It was nice that there was a pool where the grown-ups didn’t have to deal with the tots. Even better was the fact that it had a swim-up bar. Oh man, oh man!

And when you are on the resort, you don’t have to have cash, it all gets charged to the credit card that you use when you check-in. It was always “6412!” and we’d close a tab with our signature. Way too easy man! lol It was awesome though and we totally enjoyed it. We hung out there for a couple hours at least, had drinks, lunch, and relaxed. Then we walked down to the beach and spent some time there. The water was lovely and warm without being uncomfortable. A little bit after we got there, the few people that were there left. It became our own private beach! That was sweet!

Fiesta Mexicana So after a day in the sun, we got back to our room and got ready for our dinner. We were going to a Fiesta Mexicana in the downtown area! We went down to the lobby and asked for a taxi to take us there. Well, the closer we got to downtown (which was a total of maybe a 15 minute drive), we started to notice that it was starting to rain. Well, by the time we got there, it was pouring!! I was afraid that it would affect the show, but it didn’t. There was definitely an open courtyard, but we were not in it! It was nice to hear and see the lightning though with the pouring rain while being fed and entertained close by. We had a great dinner which was wonderful in it’s home-made goodness. There was carne asada, salads, beans, tamales, quesadillas, and so much more! After we stuffed our faces (oh, and let’s not forget dessert! I got arroz con leche and a flan) and drank a few margaritas, the show started. It was comprised of regional dances, a full mariachi, a ranchera singer, a lasso cowboy, and a horse that could dance. It was fun and it ended with an open dance floor. Not too many people took part, but if you know Juan at all, you know that he wanted to go up and dance, so we did for a while. We got home late that night, and although I can’t remember, it wouldn’t surprise me if we went by the pool place before going up to bed. Oh, nm, I just looked at the photos, yeah, we finished off the night there. lol

(Our Puerto Vallarta photoset on flickr, day two starts after the first time you see the red pool table.)

PS: Do I have any Halo freaks on my flist? Ha, if there was, they wouldn’t be seeing this right now, would they? I am really excited for them. Like I tell Juan, I love “fandom”. The idea of fandom no matter what it is, the common thread and rejoicing, the parties and speculation, just something that people love and have in common is so much fun.

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