Random stuff ver 42

A list for her pleasure.

  • I started reading The Amber Spyglass. OMG, I can’t believe Iorek eats Lee! I would be mightily impressed if that made it into the movie!
  • I got some prints from this mom and pop scrapbook printing service in the mail today. They are of purple_equator‘s South America Scrapbook that I am still working on. I needed to see what they were actually going to look like, and I needed a little more inspiration to get me through the project since I initially wanted it to be for her bday (day after mine). I just about died when I held the prints in my hands! They are more beautiful than the screen could ever show. I know it is tooting my own horn, but I really do try to make my layouts as beautiful as I can, whether that beauty takes me to an artistic layout or a fun one. Seeing them in print at 12×12 just totally blew me away. Girlie, I can’t wait to finish so that I can send it off to you.
  • Today I worked in the marketing department but they were using me for my education training. I’ve mentioned before that I have been interviewed and have come out on TV before due to my Spanish speaking abilities. Well, they needed a Spanish representative for a segment on LATV (channel 57), and they asked me. Thing is, when we started the segment, he asked his questions in English, so I replied in English! Duh! It turns out that this is a bilingual station so they do a lot of switching back and forth, and in this instance, he went with English. Go figure! I didn’t need to put on my uniform today after all! It could have been some other person. Doesn’t matter though, the guy was a lot of fun and was on top of his game, so we went through everything really easily and quickly. It was a lot of fun. I may even try to catch this one on TV if I remember.

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