What a relief to come on the internet and not dread the concern and lack of control and down time on the site. The first part of the downtime was totally out of my control (sorry, should have warned you that was coming[info]mollytype !) but the second part where the forums went AWOL was totally within our control. So after finally having some time to sit and focus on trying to resolve the problem without feeling the ire within me towards 1and1, I realized that this could possibly be something that I could troubleshoot myself. I got most of it working ok, but it just so happened that a 12-page thread was still MIA. And that one is pretty literal. According to

  who went on the rescue mission, it seems that someone was posting to that thread while the corruption in the database tables was happening (the sudden shutdown of the forums only). When that happened, they were in the middle of posting and when you post it gives your single post an ID#. Well, the thread was still looking for that ID#, but the post itself never made it into the database so it was looking for something that didn’t exist. This is why if you clicked on it from the banners, the entire showed up. So anywho, after going on the rescue mission,

  was able to perform some minor field surgery and recovered the threatened patient.

Now for a completely different set of gears, I got an email from BzzAgent which I am a member of. You may have heard me mention them before. They work with companies to create buzz and word of mouth advertising by allowing members to review and sample products and submitting reports and telling their friends about their honest experiences with said product or service. For instance, I got a really nice Sonicare toothbrush last year. Today I signed up for the Sonicare UV sterilizer that will zap the bacteria on my toothbrush head (I try not to think about how far water from the toilet can actually splash out when you flush, but it is always at the back of my mind). I also signed up for some Listerine Whitening Strips and a Kodak photobook from CVS pharmacy. They also started to do the same with websites. It turns out that they have some really neat sites being reviewed that I had never heard of before, but the one that really caught my eye was Craft:. They apprently have quaterly magazine (that goes for like $35 – yikes!). Anywho, they have really creative and unconventional but really awesome craft ideas. The one that really stood out to me was the section with all their plastic bag craft ideas. I really want to try plastic bag fusing! It looks amazingly easy and so rewarding! I recommend you guys all check it out.

And back to Immeritus… don’t forget that this Sunday, we are starting up our Bingo again! So don’t forget to get your numbers in for your cards and bring your lucky trolls to the table because on Sunday, those little balls will be rolling in the virtual cage in our chat room!

PS: I just got an email from

Dear Customer,
As someone who has purchased adventure games at, you might be interested in getting “The Golden Compass,” a game inspired by the upcoming movie about a girl and her polar bear. Armed only with a truth-telling compass, and accompanied by a giant, armored polar bear named Iorek, you’re taken on a journey of adventure, exploration, collaboration, and discovery.

OMG. The Golden Compass is about a girl and her polar bear just as much as Harry Potter is about a boy and his elf. *hd* I am really dreading the movies.

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