Gotta start feeding our souls

This is a really funny and informative article featuring a whale watching trip on my last day in education a couple weeks ago. The guy was young and cool and had good questions. We had great conversations so read it in that mood. I think that without knowing his tone, it can initially come off as rude, but having spent time with the writer, I took it for funny snark. Anyway, it is on the Long Beach Post website. Also has some good photos and even a little video. Check it out!

Toe is doing great! I haven’t had any problems with it. I just wear a band-aid and flip flops and all is good. I go home, soak in an epsom salt solution for 15 minutes and with the antibiotics I have had no problems. Woo hoo! I really feel like I am in the home stretch now. 😀

ETA: I just saw the video (I didn’t before because I was concentrating on reading the article. I thought it was just video of the super pod we ran into, but it has really great footage of most everything we saw. And the person you hear in the beginning? Yeah, that’s me rambling. That was my job ok, ramble on about what you see. lol

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