Starting the New Year

Here we go again with the toe.

I had my appointment with Dr. Jung today. This was a follow-up to my minor foot surgeries in August. Apparently a little piece on the right corner of my left big toe decided it didn’t want to go yet, so it continued to grow despite my doctor surgically removing that part of the nail bed. OK, so he missed a spot, or something. I am hoping that this leg of the process is going to be the final one. My toe doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much as it did the last time since this time I wasn’t really sliced open. He simply cut into that corner and pulled out the nail piece that wasn’t supposed to be there (it looked like a shark fang about 3/4 long! – no wonder it was hurting!!!). After clearing out as much as he could, he took a long thin Q-tip, dipped it in phenol and stuck it into my toe. And it stood there. lmao! It looked so funny, I simply had to laugh and take a couple of quick phone shots which are
Yeah. It is shoved in my toe and standing on its own. My Doc We've been here before

To keep the swelling down as much as possible, he gave me antibiotics so that it doesn’t get too swollen. Basically what is going on is that as the phenol kills the root there, my body will be flushing out the nastiness so it basically will be treating it like an infection. For three weeks. Yuk! So far though, I am much happier since it doesn’t hurt like the hell that I went through the first time. This time I didn’t even need to take any pain killers once the local wore off! I have simply kept off my feet today, my foot up on the bed. Tomorrow will be the same, but Wednesday I hope to make it to work, and from the looks of it, I should be able to do that just fine.

I have another update to make, but I don’t want it on this same post, so another one is coming up.

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