That those above will serve those down below

Via wwdn and majorxero, I share with you the coolest link in a really long time: The Library of Congress on Flickr. They have uploaded over 3000 images so far and they are tagged, titled, and described. The images are beautiful and awesome and cool. Brew your tea, grab your mug of joe, and sit down and take a look at those photos. Truly a wonderful resource (as a side note, they are licensed with a “No known copyright restrictions.” which while it doesn’t mean they are in the public domain, it does say that there is no evidence that they are copyrighted).

I forgot to mention that last weekend we saw Sweeney Todd and I have to say that it was ok. It was really late and we were tired, so I have a feeling that the fact that it was a really dark (colorwise) movie and that it was pretty much 95% musical made it seem a little too long and made me even more sleepy. But I loved Sasha’s character (I couldn’t stop staring, OMG!) and how dramatic and in your face the killings were. I don’t like how I felt misled thinking there would be more scenes with the color palette that popped like in Mrs. Lovette’s dream (By The Sea was a great segment). I also kinda hated the Joanna song.

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