The crew My sister’s 16th birthday was on Saturday and thanks to free tickets from two sources (sitting through a timeshare spiel for my sister and bird_mom   kindly offering the rest), most of the family was able to go to Disneyland. My dad was the only one that didn’t make it because he had to work on Saturday, but Xaviera’s friend came along as well.

Juan My mom hadn’t been in a loooooong time, so it was fun to see it through her eyes. We bolted to Indiana Jones to grab Fastpasses first and then headed to Tomorrowland and got in line for Space Mountain. God I love that ride. Those new lights they have at the beginning and the end are freakin fantastic! My mom loved it so much she said she wanted to see if we could get back on it later (we never made it back).

After that we headed back to Indiana Jones for our FastPass appointment, and the ride was temporarily shut down. We moaned and groaned and went to Pirates instead. The animatronic Capt. Jack still amazes me!

When we got out of there we headed to the Haunted Mansion and after a little ice cream snack, it started to rain. It was a steady drizzle on us while we queued up and the drops got bigger, but we never got soaked.

When we got out it was really wet outside but it wasn’t really raining anymore. We were starving and started to look for food. Burgers, we wanted burgers, but of course we were in a section of Disneyland where bread bowls and gumbo ruled. Dang. Well, we ended up in a place called The Golden Horse Shoe and as we were in line to order food, a show came on – Billy and The Hillbillies. lol It was goofy and stuff but mighty entertaining while we ate our fish sticks and chicken strips.

Anitza, Xaviera, Jessica Eventually we made it on Indiana Jones (my other Disneyland favorite), Star Tours, Buzz’s Astroblasters, the really adorable Storybook Land boat ride, and even on Dumbo which I really cannot remember when the last time I rode it was. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention one more: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. All I could remember from when I was a kid is that it was fast and that it turned a lot and you almost crashed into stuff. Well, it was pretty much exactly that. I can’t believe we rode on it (the line was short since this was at night and it had been steadily drizzling), it was like what I imagine a bad acid trip to feel like. lol kaptainsnot   ended up riding it alone and she said it was pretty damn terrifying. lmao!

And a few more of my favorite shots:

Tomorrowland Minnie Mom Mom and me Moi

Zooming WOAH! Evelia Little Buggers

The rest are here.

I know that there are a ton of you out there with birthdays this past month, and sorry for my failure to acknowledge. I get pretty paranoid with the whole thing since I feel like if I say Happy Birthday to one person and then forget to or just don’t get online for another that people are going to feel left out or hate me, so I just don’t even try. But I have been thinking about the lot of you birthday babies and have been hoping that your days were everything you wanted them to be.

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