Juan rocks in so many ways

Sad day for instant film-o-philes. I am not gonna say that I used them on a regular basis, but whenever a product like that ends, a whole era of creativity comes to an end. The fact that it may never be an option again is really sad.

Wow, my desk looks busy. lol On a totally unrelated note, Juan rocks my socks. I walked into my office this morning and lo and behold, there is an edible arrangement on my desk with a heart balloon! You might recall that he got my one for my last birthday as well. It was totally unexpected because we are really strapped for cash and we had simply planned on going out to dinner tomorrow (nothing fancy, just “out”) as the big v-day thing. So it was nice to get it today so that it won’t sit in the car tomorrow night while we enjoy our dinner and then not have room for eating the chocolate covered fruit. Besides, since it wasn’t delivered tomorrow, I am sure he got a discount which we really need right now. 😀 Oh, and the note totally cracked me up. He loves to make up his own Mad Gabs phrases, so he wrote me this. You have to read it out loud and if you don’t understand it, someone who hears you should.

Last Friday I hosted another Rock Band party at our place. The turn out was much better this time around so we had Sean and Aldo from Social Studies Design over (who rock in both the band way and the “life” way – Sean works at the Aquarium),

  , FQ (and no, that is not a fandom abbreviation), AR and his wife, and my boss boss, CF and her husband. Technical bugs aside, people picked it up surprisingly fast and we had a great time rocking out. I hope that we have more impromptu gatherings where we can rock out again.

Yesterday we went out during our lunch at work to Shoreline Village for SG and

  ‘s birthdays. The weather was gorgeous (might’ve hit 80 around the water here, not sure) even if we did have haze fighting with the sun and blue skies. The brisk walk yielded a total of about 3 miles, so that made me feel quite good since it lessened the guilt of going out to eat. 😀 I feel really bad for you folks everywhere else other than California because it looks like you are freezing your collective butts off (of course, this does not include

who simply cannot have too much cold).

Today, however, we are going out to eat again. This time it is because our entire department submitted all their yearly reviews on time. We are one of only two department that did it this year, so we are getting treated out to lunch. We are going to Le Creperie which is amazing. It will be a late lunch and we have all pretty much agreed it will be a sort of sweet crepe fest where everyone will order and start passing around the plates. It will be awesome.

And because if everyone was jumping off a cliff I would turn away and run, I will be sheep in another way…

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PS: I hope that you guys have a Feliz Dia del Amor y la Amistad. :*

PPS: Hey

! Looks like we might go to the Mouse House on the 23rd for my little sister’s bday. Where will you be?

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