Sunday night goodness

Today was another lazy Sunday well spent. 🙂

majorxero  was in town this weekend after being away in his current home in another state for nine months. It was really awesome to hang out with you again, dude. We started around 4pm on Saturday, eased into playing Rock Band and aside from pizza, never looked back. I can’t believe we played until practically 4am (DST ate one of those hours)! We really wanted to keep on playing but at that point we finally snapped back to RL and decided that it was best to hit the hay. It just felt so comfortable and fun to hang out. I think this is a perfect example of how different our social circles interact. Our other RB parties have all ended just before midnight once people started to get really tired. Did we get tired? Hell yeah, but that just meant we needed to take a breather/dinner #2 or something while someone else took over the spot in the band. Anyone else takes that as the cue to go home. I mean, I would do the same if I was the guest, so it isn’t anything on the people, it is just something that I noticed. The Chusma is family, and that is how we act.

I wish that everyone could have made it, but with any group of individual human lives, it is really hard to coordinate it so that you can all hang out together at the same time. :/

After everyone left, Juan and I cleaned up and he was hungry, so he reheated some pizza and we sat watching tv to wind down a bit. Since there was nothing on I went to the OnDemand channels and selected something interesting, but not something that I couldn’t walk away from. Well, I ended up watching the whole damned thing! It was Six Degrees of Separation with Wil Smith and Donald Sutherland. I never heard a thing about it (1993), but the lead actress Stockard Channing was nominated for an Oscar for it and even won the Golden Globe. It was a really strange movie that was completely driven by the dialogue which made sense when I realized it was a play. It really felt it had that feel to it, with the long monologues, etc. But let me tell you how freakin surprising it was to see Wil Smith naked in bed with another guy (especially since the other guy showed full frontal while he ran around the house). I wasn’t sure I liked the movie so much as I got sucked into it wondering where it was going. I don’t think I particularly liked how it ended, but it was sad. Overall, I liked the movie but it is not something that I would have picked up to purposefully watch all the way through.

This all meant, of course, that by the time we got to bed, it was almost 8 in the morning and the light outside was really bright (there was a solid blanket of fog too, which added to it). It was pretty funny how ridiculously late it was since we hadn’t done that in, well, I can’t remember the last time. The only thing that could top it off was the lazy Sunday we had. 🙂

PS: Our new band Pain Killer is freakin’ hot.

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