So, some of you may have already read the Twighlight series by Stephenie Meyer. I just finished inhaled the first book and went out and bought the second (I held myself back for the third).

I don’t really care for vampire stories. My great friend

had been hammering on me that I should read this book (she tends to recommend me good books). She lent it to me and so I kept forgetting about it until I picked it up on Monday and finished it last night at 1 am in bed with my sleeping husband next to me and the lightwedge letting me read. It was so good!

It is such a guilty pleasure though. A freakin’ TEENAGE VAMPIRE LOVE STORY? Like I told her, “shoot me now, please!!”. There are definitely a lot of moments that made me feel like it was so predictably “young adult”, but I can live with that (Harry Potter, anyone?). But seriously, a teenage vampire love story? How embarrassing. And I freakin’ loved it.

And the entire time I read it, all I could see in my mind was Robert Pattinson in Edward Cullen’s shoes (he is playing him in the movie) – and let me tell you, SO HOT. I am really scared though, for the movie. It has all the makings of an awful awful teen flick.

I am off to read some of New Moon now. Thank goodness I get paid tonight so I can justify to myself buying the last one next week!

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