Blowing the dust off

After that giggle I just posted, anyway.

Anywho, we’ve been pretty busy around here. What, with me calling the folks at 1and1 like every day (and then some!) to restart the server, final funeral arrangements and the last novenario on Sunday, and

visiting this past weekend, there’s some catching up to do!

I can’t think straight because I just want to talk about

, so let’s jump to that! She took a road trip with work friends and we got to see her twice this past weekend! Friday we had dinner and walked around Manhattan Beach eventually taking up a table at a quiet bar (that later turned to a loud wannabe club) where we could hang out and talk. It was fun and had been too long. We made vague wishful plans that we could meet up at some other point in the weekend.

Which we totally did! We had brunch on Sunday before she went back to the Central Coast. It’s funny how you can fall right back into some of your old ways when you meet up with someone that you haven’t seen in forever. Now that she knows how fast it is to drive down here, she says she will do so more often. I don’t particularly think it is that close, but those were her words and I may hold her to them! 😀

Then we wrapped up season one of BSG on our HD setup. Now it is going to be all Netflix and we might watch some at my parents with my sisters instead of always watching it at our place, even though our setup is orders of magnitude better. lol

Sunday was insanely hot. After we had brunch, we got home and we knocked out. Juan only made it as far as the couch, I went to the bedroom.  turned on the fan and hoped for the best. Well, Juan woke me up hours later telling me it was cooler in the living room with the very focused a/c unit. I crawled over there and I felt life come back into my body as it cooled down.

We got up, got ready and went back to East Los for Manny’s last rosary on the last day of his novenario. Basically, for nine days straight, family and friends show up and pray the rosary at the home of the deceased or some other close relative. The last day happened to be on Sunday which meant a really nice turn out. Afterwards, we all ate and talked and hung out together. It is nice to not be so sad anymore. It wasn’t the devastating experience the other events were.

The only thing missing from this weekend was TRSJ – what happened chica? You were gonna call! :/ Oh well, next time, I guess…

Oh, and tomorrow, we get to go see Indiana Jones! Woo hoo!

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