Hair cut

Hair cut!

So, I got a hair cut (or, as Juan puts it, I got all of them cut!). I also got some low-lights put in that will start to show up a bit more as the red gets lighter. It has darkened my hair overall which is a nice change.

Our three-day weekend had some serious shopping at the core. We needed to purchase new bedroom and bathroom linens, as well as get some much needed clothes for Juan and myself. I. HATE. CLOTHES. SHOPPING. I hate the trying stuff on and nothing fitting right. I hate the little fitting rooms with terrible lighting and parading out to show Juan what I look like (so that he can critique what I am wearing in front of everyone? OK, he really is helpful and honest and has good input, but still.). I ended up getting like five tops (hey, got this one in the photo above), a pair of cute shoes, one pair of jeans, a dress, and some nice shades. Juan got a few button shirts, jeans, and two pairs of shoes.
I hope to not have to do that for a really long time.

I hope to not jinx myself, but Immeritus has been up all day.

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