Of socks and fedoras

So Juan came up with something after I showed him my awesometastic socks yesterday. He said, “You should make those your video game party socks!”. He is SO totally right!

So we went to see Indiana Jones last night and amidst all the hate I am going to come right out and say it: we really liked it! :p It was fun popcorn summer movie fare. I mean, isn’t that what it has always been? It hit all the points you would expect it to hit, fedora clips, snakes, funny accents, destruction of irreplaceable artifacts, cheesy one liners, gun action, and more fist fights than you can count. Yes, there was a lot of special effects, and if you can’t marry the concept of Indiana Jones with a little science fiction, then you might be totally disappointed.

But Juan and I had a good time watching it and if the opportunity came up to see it again, I wouldn’t say no. 😀

As an aside, if you missed the other mentions, we will be remembering Boe in Boe’s Garden chat room today in honor of her birthday starting at 2pm Pacific time. It will be the inaugural Yarnola Night (‘night’ being totally relative) which we hope to make a regular occurrence. Try to get there a little early if you can because I have a feeling that if the server goes down, once you are in there, it shouldn’t kick you out since the chat application is hosted elsewhere.  

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