Busy weekend

But it was all in good fun.

Juan’s family came over on Saturday, late morning, to watch a movie and eat. They’ve kinda made it a “thing” to come over whenever they can during the day on Saturdays to watch a movie at our place. It started with the Bourne Trilogy which they absolutely loved (who doesn’t?).

Then I had to get all dolled up for our annual Ocean Conservation Awards Gala at the Aquarium. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and seats go for $600. I went as a volunteer since I have heard that it is really neat to go to. Well, I worked registration and got to see everyone arrive. Then I got to see pretty much nothing. lol It’s ok, it was a nice reason to get all dolled up, even though the only proof is a bad self snap shot from my phone.

My little sister slept over same night and we played video games. I finished Bioshock (such a great game, I whole heartedly recommend it to people who dig FPS).

Next day we got up a little late and went straight to lunch at Shakey’s in Juan’s parent’s neighborhood for Father’s Day. After eating, we hit up the family pool hall in their neighborhood where after playing not so succesfully, Juan showed us some of his pool trick shots. I even put them together using iMovie on my mac at work which took a grand total of like five minutes. It took YouTube longer to encode!

We barely made it home after grocery shopping to cook up some sausages for dinner since my family visited for dinner! All in all, it was a great weekend, I just wish I had slept more. lol

I just listened to Coldplay’s new album on KROQ and I am elated.

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