The Silver Lining

Well, without any intros, let me get to the punch line – I was diagnosed with polycycstic ovarian syndrome.

The background (keeping the TMI to a min): I scheduled my gyn annual because I needed a refill on my birth control. The doc I got apparently as part of his routine, also does a vaginal ultrasound as part of his annual work up. Color me surprised! Anyway, it wasn’t new, just uncomfortable but it was enough to give the doc the info that he needed to make an educated diagnosis. My menstrual history (missed periods, wacky schedule, really heavy), break outs, extra weight focused on my mid region (I am fat, but it really is centered around my abdomen, the rest of my body just tries to catch up), and the cysts all pointed to that. He also told me that he wanted to do a whole blood panel on me and that would be the confirmation.

So real life gets in the way and one month later, I get the work up done. I got results back. High cholesterol, insulin, and triglycerides. All signs of PCOS. He wants me on meds right away. I forgot what it was, but I am pretty sure it is metformin. It is normally used to treat type 2 diabetes but is often used to treat PCOS so that I don’t get diabetes.

The implications of having PCOS are varied and complicated. I don’t have to deal with the hirsutism, but I have had more break outs (I never got my refill, doc’s recommendation for now), am having a blast with my period right now, and there are other things. Like the increased diabetes risk, heart attack risk, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Well, these are all things that I should have normally been worrying about because of my weight. Endometrial cancer also seems like a thing to keep in check. Oh, and there is also the infertility thing.

It is always one of those things, I don’t even know if we will ever want to have our own kids, but having that option taken away from me without it being my choice, even, it was hard to hear. Well, they haven’t said that I am infertile or anything like that, but if I am having cysts in my ovaries, they most likely are not ovulating like they should. I am worried about it because it isn’t something that we will really have to deal with until we make the decision to have kids. Then what? We make the decision and then my body says no? That’s crap.

So I am taking things one step at a time. This is making me focus on the things that I should have been focusing all along– eating right and excercise.

I was going to f-lock this post, but whatever. It isn’t something that I need to hide, just something that I need to work on. Phew! I’m glad that’s off my chest!

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