Do you know what today is?

It’s our anniversary! (ah Tony Toni Tone)

Anyway, today we celebrate four years of wedded bliss. LOL OK I can’t even swallow that one without laughing. But we are truly blessed to have found each other no less than twelve years ago (last Tuesday, to be precise). We are at a stage in our lives where we aren’t happy with what we have become (individually) and are starting to work on getting to the good stuff together.

We are reading the Abs Diet books (Juan has the orange one, I have the green one that is targeted towards women – there really is very little difference, mostly anecdotal, except for like one chapter). Now, I hate the word “diet”. It is such a failure of a concept that I have never really actually been on a diet – ever. Sure, I will cut back on this or that, but officially declare myself on a diet? NEVER! This book kinda talks about that too and how it really is more of a lifestyle change which is what we all need anyway (or at least, most of us do). There isn’t anything Earth shattering in the book, it is all very straightforward and helpful. It talks in plain English but it also gives you the background information to understand what is going on with your body. Remembering something as simple as muscle=calorie burning machines even while at rest is something that makes me want to strength train and that is a nice feeling. So we’re learning a lot as we go through the book and I have cut back on my daily soda and converted to diet. That might not seem like a huge deal, but it is to me! I have also refused sweets and have made overall better lunch choices (and even had breakfast at home a few days this week instead of buying at the cafe downstairs). Increased water intake as well, as my morning bladder will sadly tell you.

So all these little changes (which we haven’t even fully started yet) surely have to add up to something. I feel like this is really it this time. We have to make changes or we will be so disgusted with ourselves there will be little we can do to live with ourselves. Besides, with my recent diagnosis, it’s really time I did something.

Well, I certainly digressed from my anniversary post! 😀

I keep thinking back, not our wedding day so much, but that day that we sat at the bus stop, waiting for the 260 on Atlantic and 6th Street in East LA twelve years ago. We’d gone out on a date the Friday before (we saw ID4) and at this point, we just knew that we were totally into each other. Juan was waiting with me at the bus stop and we had already let his bus go a few times (it was more frequent), and I am sure at least one of mine had gone, but we were just enjoying our company not wanting to really part just yet. Then Juan held my hand and stared at the street in front of him and fidgetted and stuttered his way through asking me to be his girlfriend. I just looked ahead to the street as well, smiling from ear to ear because I knew exactly what he was trying to do but not making it much easier on him. It was freakin’ adorable. I mentioned it to him last night and he laughed and said that he can’t believe he did that. He certainly has grown into a really confident man, even if he likes to share the boyish side more often.

Days before we had a car were actually very nice. We enjoyed each other’s undivided attention on the bus. It was a different time, we were kids and our worries were few.

Tonight we are going to enjoy a simple dinner at a local joint we’ve been wanting to go to (Johnny Reb’s) for a while. We might do something this weekend, but I am not sure. I got him some fun cuff links shaped like 8 balls. He’s never had any before because he’s never had a shirt that needed them, until recently. It was pretty funny actually. After washing it, he noticed that he was missing “a button” on his cuff. Then he realized they weren’t “normal” buttons. I kinda did a *facepalm* and introduced him to the concept of cuff links. He knew what they were, but never having needed them, it just didn’t occur to him. lol The boy side, remember?

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