I seriously don’t know where to start

Last night, Juan and I had a lovely dinner, just like you all wished. 😀

Juan loved the cuff links, and I mean loved. I was so relieved. I never showed them to you, huh? Well, here they are, but make sure you hit “more images” to see the backs because they are way blurred out in that first pic.

And what did Juan get me? My long-awaited Crimson DS Lite!! ASLDKFJPRIWETI!! I have wanted it for a really long time! I am so happy that he got it for me. Despite me wanting it forever, I didn’t expect it because of the very reason that he knows I’ve wanted it forever and hadn’t gotten it for me. He got it for me with Brain Age 2 which is certainly amusing and makes you think (which may or may not be a good thing, we’ll see!). lol

But hold your horses folks, that is not the only new toy. No, I did not get the iPhone 3G this morning, but pretty damn close. I got the 2.0 software on my iPhone and it is like a whole brand new toy!! It installed the App Store, a Contacts app, and a Scientific Calculator (that activates on rotating the normal calc). I then immediately installed these apps:

  • AIM – chatting client (free)
  • Super Monkey Ball – I can play Super Monkey Ball on my iPhone! And the control? The phone itself! It detects the way you are holding it kinda like the Wii-mote so you don’t have to touch buttons to navigate. Awesome! And the graphics are awesome for a phone! ($9.99)
  • SodaSnap Instant Postcards – It creates instant postcards that I can email to anyone from the photos that I take with my phone camera. Also includes location information if I want it to (since I have the 1st gen phone, it uses cell phone tower triangulation like on the Google Maps app). (free)
  • midomi – If this is the first time you hear of midomi, you should check them out. On a normal cell phone you call in and hum or sing a tune and then it spits out a list of songs it thinks match. It matched Happy Birthday really easily when I tried it, but apprently my humming of Coldplay’s 42 wasn’t really up to par to match a song for me. We’ll see how it goes. (free)
  • Shanghai Mahjong – I have a soft spot for the game. I was addicted to a web version but then it got ads and it can’t pause the game very easily so I caved in and bought this one. Looked like the best one offered vs the cost. I mean, Star Trek tiles? What’s not to love? 😀 ($4.99)
  • Movies.app – Allows me to look up movie times, buy tickets, watch trailers, get directions, etc (free)
  • Pandora – You all know what this is, and if you don’t, check them out and set up your own streaming radio stations. Now I can listen to them on my iPhone, even over the Edge network. (free)
  • Urbanspoon – This is a nice little app! Detects where I am and when I shake my phone, it starts up a spinning jackpot sort of screen and shows me a random place to eat in my area with all the pertinent and available information from the UrbanSpoon site. Nifty! (free)
  • Comic Touch – This is cute. Comic-ize photos from my iPhone. Add speech bubbles, captions, warp, etc. Looked like the best of the bunch and I am not dissapointed. ($4.99)

So you see? I have plenty to keep me busy and to stop me from twiddling my fingers. Then of course, there is also some OT that I have to do this weekend, BSG to watch, Scraptastic! to work on, Abs Diet to read, laundry, grocery shopping, etc etc…

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