So, this is an update for last week…

This week? TOTALLY insane. Seriously. Even last week, but this one left last week in the dust!

Laura Visits LA (by magicalobizuth)

Last Friday, nasubionna drove into LA and then into the LBC where I promptly gave her The Aquarium Tour™. Before we knew it, the place was closed and I didn’t feel like pulling the "I work here" card, but the guard realized that I did work there and told us we could wander around to our heart’s desire. He even let us saunter around behind the scenes. I didn’t abuse the privilege, so we finished checking out the Tropical Pacific gallery and then took her upstairs to the dive lockers where we fed the fish from the top of the "Big Trop" exhibit. (BTW: You can add the aquariumpacific  feed to your flist to read the uber cool stories of our bloggers two to three times a week.)

We got home eventually and then left to grab some dinner (mmm… sushi) and watched a little bit of the Olympics and all of Transformers. She fell asleep the first time she watched it (she was really tired) and I told her there was no way that she could sleep through it with our system. After we finished the movie, she agreed.

Laura Visits LA (by magicalobizuth)

Saturday got started a little slow (going to sleep so late will do that to you) but eventually we decided on going out to Santa Monica. kaptainsnot came along and the three of us enjoyed the sun and sand as we people watched and talked fandom, how things have changed, plans for the future, etc… Juan was at his parent’s but he caught up with us later when we went to the movies.

Laura Visits LA (by magicalobizuth)We left the beach and headed straight to The Bridge Cinema De Lux to watch The Dark Knight on IMAX. We had already seen it, just not on the HUGE screen. Lordy, it was stunning. Absolutely gorgeous! Let me just say that when the first scene came up it was shot in IMAX format and it took the entire wall. It was a sky shot of the city and the entire theater quietly gasped at the beauty. I almost makes me cry.

We got home around 1 or 2 am. Next day we slowly got up again, all shots of making 3pm Bingo in Vegas were down the tube for Laura but we made the best of it by watching Planet Earth (the caves and desert ones).

I still haven’t heard from her after she left (girl doesn’t own a phone!), but I am sure that she is safe and well on her way to her next stop.

nasubionna , It was awesome getting to meet you and I hope that we get to hang out again at Azkatraz! I am not 100% about it yet, but as the days go on, I get more and more reasons to want to be there!

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