Video Funday

I have been wanting to post a bunch of videos lately, so this is my one post to save your flist from the bombardment of my videos. Our whale watches on the news and other random and funny vids

Seriously, I love eggs, I do, but WTF? HAHAHAHAHA!

Everyone has seen this one, but in case you haven’t:

Which brings me to McCain’s ridiculous excuses for campaign commercials.

I was personally insulted by this commercial and the idiots that believe that this is true and therefore I, as a Latina, will sit this vote out. LMAO

And I left the WTF one for last…

And this is a bonus because it was a decent try, but it essence wrapped up a lot of the selling points for me, although Obama has shifted positions a little since this video came out.

Aside from the last frame, that almost sounded like a “Vote for Obama” commercial to me! lol

All this talk about nuclear power and offshore drilling. These are all fine and dandy, until you ask the people where these energy sources will be!! I hate this “not in my back yard” mentality!! “Nuclear power is great, let’s do it, just don’t do it in my town and don’t dump the waste here either.” We have offshore drilling right here, I can practically see the oil islands from the Aquarium, and as much as they want to pretty them up, they are still OIL ISLANDS. It would be nicer if they weren’t here AT ALL. All those idiots that are for the drilling, those are people that don’t ever go to the coast and therefore it is outta sight, outta mind.

This was supposed to be a video dump, so I will leave it at that.

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