8 Things About Me

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  1. I love Spaceballs and can probably recite most of it along while watching it, even though I haven’t seen it in ages.
  2. I don’t like white chocolate. The darker the better, thank you very much.
  3. I constantly fight with myself over this loathing and love that I have for Twilight (the love wins out most of the time).
  4. I am not nearly as cool as my livejournal makes me seem.
  5. Everyone thinks that I read way more than I actually do.
  6. I have a six inch scar on my side because my appendix burst when I was in 4th grade.
  7. I am a cryer (books, tv, movies… sometimes even commercials).
  8. My high school self would be very surprised and somewhat disappointed with who I am today. I am far too girly for the girl with mostly guy friends and actually own a pink blouse that I like to wear.

Tagging people for this is hard because so many of you have already been tagged, but let me try: majorxero , purple_equator , nasubionna , aoife_ife , ozo_head , alexiperplexy , Beth Nixon, and ressacjane .

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