Mmmm… biscuit sticks…

Pocky (by magicalobizuth)

So, how do you pronounce these sticks of deliciousness?

I have always pronounced it one way and only ever heard it one way – until recently when alexiperplexy brought some in to work. She called it differently than I did and we were both left wondering which is the right way. And wiki just made me more confused since they say that it is one way but it seems that it could have been meant to be the other? I dunno. I’ll let you know how I pronounce them in a bit.

PS: alexiperplexy  is made of awesome because she gave me two of these boxes and some other goodies for my bday today (a little early which I don’t mind one bit)! w00t!

ETA: OK, so personally, I have always pronounced them in the way that rhymes with "hockey" (Hockey sticks anyone? That’s how I always thought of it.). Results are interesting though, so keep them coming! 😀

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