That feeling of nostalgia

I have had this nagging feeling in the back of my head for a while. The need to scan my photos in from my last trip to Guadalajara–my dad’s home city. So I finally did this last weekend. I uploaded them and as I went through the scans and cleaned up little bits here and there, so many of the memories we created that trip came to life once more. On that trip, kaptainsnot, my youngest sister Xaviera, and purple_equator came with me (it was my college graduation gift from my parents to send me there). We had quite a few adventures and situations that really tried our patience (I believe it was a two week trip?).

But one of the moments that really stand out is the one below.

Guadalajara, Jal
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Storytime, boys and girls. Once upon a time, my dad’s youngest brother and
his wife invited us into their home. They didn’t have much, but lived in better circumstances than most of the family. They even had a washing machine in their kitchen! There was no plumbing for the machine there, but they made do with a garden hose to fill it up from the outside.

One day, we decided to stay in late and do some laundry. Ev was in charge of loading the laundry that time so she placed the hose in the washer and turned it on.

Then she forgot.

At some point, I walked out of the room we were staying in and found that we were in the process of flooding their apartment! Rage and laughter (but first rage) ensued and I took this photo for posterity. Thank god for their hard linoleum floors (with concrete underneath!). Had it been carpet we would have been in serious trouble.

You can find the whole set here, although I am still going to have to go through it later this week to fill in the captions from my album.

What are some of your favorite memories? Ones that make you literally laugh out loud when you think about them?

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