Prison Break

So, some of you may remember that I watch this show. Actually, I love this show and it is great because Juan does too. We can watch it together without either one of us feeling like the other one owes us TV time for some show we didn’t really want to watch. Anywho, this season takes place in Long Beach and other Los Angeles area places, but mostly in Long Beach. A lot of it is in the port because that is where the crew’s homebase was this season.

A few weeks ago, we noticed yellow PB signs at the exit by my work. We wondered what that could be an couldn’t come up with anything. The next week we watched Prison Break and saw the Arco Towers and the Union Bank of California buildings very prominently and it wasn’t until we saw the sign again that we realized (like the big idiots we were) that PB=Prison Break. By that time, they were done and wrapping up and took their signs.

Fastforward to yesterday. The signs are back, but even better, they make their homebase (filming homebase) the parking lot behind our parking structure. A lot that is very frequently used as a filming homebase (Iron Man, Transformers 2, Criminal Minds, etc. etc.). I just about died at the thought of seeing Wentworth Miller walking around in his grey shirt. Of course, I never saw him. :/

You know what we did see? Their wardrobe trailer and could see inside the window. It was pretty unspectacular (flannels and blue shirts anyone? LOL).

So we thought they were done at the end of the day but lo and behold, they are back. We were detoured from our normal exit and had to go around to the physical Aquarium (it’s complicated) and saw a TON of filming crew trucks, even a beautiful shiny red big rig with flames (reminded me of the Transformers 2 shoot). They are filming around the Aquarium/Shoreline and will be using the 4th floor at the Aquarium’s parking structure. How freakin’ excited do you think I am? I peeled back my eyelids in the vain hope of seeing Wentworth, but saw nothing but crew.

Being so close yet so far away is frustrating.

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