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So I am transferring my files over to my new macbook pro. 🙂 It is so sexy.

It is so awesome to do all (or at least most, really all at this point) of our Christmas shopping online. I am getting packages from BestBuy. Threadless, and Amazon. I am still waiting for more from BestBuy, Amazon, Moo, ThinkGeek, and the Academic Superstore. I’m not even done yet!

Oh and you gals that got on early with your Christmas cards – Cazz and Shazz! I got your cards today and totally made me feel like a slacker despite the fact that I have been working on stuff, just not my cards. I think I’d better get on them. Yikes!

Oh, and speaking of mail, Juan linked me up to a nice promotion they are doing at stamps.com – get a free photostamp so that you can send your letter to Santa Claus! It’s pretty cute and a great way for people to check out what these stamps look like. Now, it has a limit of one per household, so you might have to stick all your kids in one shot. And technically, I don’t think those letters need stamps on them anyway, but dammit, it is a cute idea and it’s free!

Tonight we are going to their company party. I think this is the earliest I have ever been to a Christmas party. It seems awfully early, but whatever. I don’t mind. 

I have been listening to Christmas music all week, as my last.fm account can attest to. Today I decided to take a break and have been listening to Duffy instead. I get into these musical ruts that I enjoy. I will play something over and over and over again. You’d think it would drive me nuts, but I enjoy it.

This weekend, my sisters and I are going to Joanne’s and Michael’s to purchase crafts supplies to make stockings! I am way excited about this prospect. 

OH! And one more thing… I have a new Scraptastic! client whose project I need to work on this weekend, another on the horizon who wants me to do a whole album (and he himself calls it a BIG project), and possibly another smaller album project. I am so excited! 😀

As a reminder, I do have table top calendars available, this is a great time to order for the new year!

Just in time for the holidays, this calendar will make the perfect gift for the new year! This is the ultimate thoughtful gift: an album, treasured keepsake, and useful item all in one! All you need to do is send in your photos and text where appropriate and I will customize this calendar for you and your loved ones. Available now through January 2009, you can order your calendar for the low price of $35. If you order more than one (think of all those names you could check off your gift list!) identical copy, you will save 15% on those copies (the additional covers’ text will be customized at no extra charge).

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