You guys had some great suggestions for titles for yesterday’s photo! I had a great time reading them. Here are your suggestions:

Reservoir Emphysema Dogs – alexiperplexy
"At least the Cab Driver warned us" – plynn78
Long Beach Clean Ports Initiative Goes Awry – speciestart
SARS in cars. – mollytype
"In the event of a drop in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling." – penster
L.A. is too hot for the traditional ski mask. – 10_rose
Smog protection masks, the new black. – canutius

... (by magicalobizuth)

SARS in Cars.

mollytype is the winner! I am a sucker for rhymes! Actually, rhymes, alliteration, and puns! I came to that realization today and if I find the trifecta, it will be glorious. So, here’s the actual story behind the photo:

Brian, Nam, Andrew and I are the lunch posse. We tend to walk to lunch everyday, but when we’ve gotten tired of the five or so places around here, we hop in a car for a quick drive downtown. Yesterday we went to El Pollo Loco and the only people with cars for the four of us are Andrew and Nam. Andrew drove this time but here’s the thing… he owns a dog. No children, his pets are his kids. So that back seat? You know who it belongs to? His adorable dog Celie.

And it is covered in fur.

No matter how clean Andrew thinks he gets his car, there is always a layer of dog fur and Brian being the gentleman that he is, always let’s me ride shotgun in the front. He always ends up sneezing with an itchy nose and covered in dog hair. This time, he had the ridiculous idea of wearing a mask. So as we laughed at him, he didn’t care and came back from lunch without so much as a sniffle.

And Andrew swore off driving us anywhere forever.

*laughs* Seriously? How could we compete with this?

IMG_1132.JPG (by QruxPix)

We can’t.

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