So, this has been a fun and busy summer. I keep thinking to myself that I really need to write it all down in my LJ but it seems I can only think in 140 characters at a time lately. As many of you have seen, I am constantly on Facebook and Twitter, well, FB more because that is more active. My job has me sitting at the computer and part of it is to check on our official page too, so it’s not all goofing off 😉 Even started a fan page for Immeritus even though I am not quite sure what to use it for just yet. Probably just another way to keep in touch. It’s funny to see OL and RL intersect like that. No LJ/forum avatars, just head shots of people I had never seen before!

Last we left off about 3 weeks ago on our anniversary. Before we get to that, it just so happened that on that same day, I went on a tour to the local oil islands off the coast with a group of people from the Aquarium. You can see these islands off of the beach here and everyone wonders what is on them (is it some exclusive resort?). Well, they look pretty because they have to. They’re really just there to dig for oil. It was an interesting tour and I just remembered that I have video to edit from that-crap! Well, here are the photos.

Waterfall (by Anitza V) 4th of July (by Anitza V) Dockweiler Beach (by Anitza V) Dockweiler Beach (by Anitza V) Dockweiler Beach (by Anitza V)

Past events also include a day at the beach capped off with a bonfire, and 4th of July BBQ and fireworks. Speaking about that bonfire, we came out on channel 7 that night because of it. Got interviewed, but they didn’t show that part, just us having a good time around the fire. They just wanted a story on what people were up to on the holiday weekend. even saw it and texted me (“OMG were you @ the beach today & did channel 7 crewfilm you?! I swear I just saw you on the news!”) Hahaha!

New York, New York Roll (by Anitza V)Back to the anniversary part… you were all so lovely. I meant to reply with a follow-up post but that never happened, so sorry. We went out for sushi that night and talked about the past, present, and future. Where we’re gonna be in five years, how much has changed these past five. It is enough to give me goosebumps, thinking about it all, but also anxiety. So let’s just stop talking about it.

We thought about going all out at first, but when we realized we had already committed to going out with friends to Disneyland that weekend, well, there’s only so much money to go around. Dinner out ended up being really nice, especially since we tend to visit my parents on Fridays.

Disneyland (by Anitza V) Disneyland (by Anitza V)

So like I said, we went to Disneyland with some of the Chusma that same weekend. It was a lot of fun even though it was so hot and tiring (it made me feel so OLD!). It actually was not as bad as I thought it would be for a Saturday in summer. We got on all the rides we wanted to without waiting too long (nice combination of luck and planning with Fastpasses). I am always amazed at how awesome the Indiana Jones ride is. We all wore buttons for various celebratory things, like our anniversary, Juan’s birthday, graduation, etc. I had no idea they had so many of these buttons, but thanks to Heyzen and Lynette, we all got at least one. We of course capped off the night with a Denny’s run. [Photos on Flickr]

Juan’s birthday was last week, and we celebrated his birthday the weekend before. It was a simple affair at his parent’s. Invited chusma and immediate family only. My mom made her famous cheesecake, we ate carne asada, played games, and just had a good time overall. ‘Twas nice.

This past weekend we celebrated my dad’s birthday by going out to breakfast and then going to their house to watch movies. Once again, a simple affair. But the going theme is that we are all together having a good time. I haven’t given him his present yet, though. I have it in my purse. It is as much a present for him as it is for me: tickets to go see Star Wars in Concert. He loves music. He loves Star Wars. We all win.

So as far as making a post about everything so that I can start posting like a normal person, I think I am done. Sure, I missed some stuff, like getting a shout out from the news anchor, or the fact that we are looking to purchase a couple of bikes, but this is long enough.

Oh wait, just one more thing… tomorrow we (that is me + 15 friends/family members) are going to see Harry Potter in IMAX 3D. I can’t believe I actually managed to wait it out!

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