Lucky Number 13

13 years ago today…

Juan and I were sitting at the bus stop on Atlantic and 6th Street in East Los Angeles. I was waiting for the MTA 260 and I think he was going to take the Montebello 10 and transfer at Whittier Blvd. We sat next to each other fiddling with our hands and looking out onto the street. He was nervous. Fumbling around for what to say, not able to look me in the eye. He was about to ask me to go steady and couldn’t find the right words. I was excited and savoring the moment because I knew what he wanted to say. It was adorable. Of course I said yes!

We celebrate five years of marriage on Friday, but it is hard to ignore the fact that for eight years before that, we finished high school, went away to college, supported each other through thick and thin, and basically grew up with each other. So while it may seem a little girly to keep track of the “boyfriend/girlfriend” anniversary after having gotten married, five years doesn’t really reflect our relationship.

13 years sounds just about right.

Who knows where we will be 13 years from now. Will we have our own house? Will we still live in Los Angeles? Will we have kids? Who knows, but there is no one on this planet that I would rather be on that road with than Juan.


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