We be rollin’

So this last weekend, we did two things. Saw Harry Potter IMAX in 3D (I hadn’t seen it at all yet) at the Bridge. It was about freakin’ time. It was an enjoyable movie, as far as movies go, but I will never understand all the need to change things you don’t really have to. And of course, there is the tug of all the things you hoped would make it in the movie but never had a chance. I long ago divorced the books from the movies, and I am much happier that way.

So anyway, bottom line, I would give it a solid B. I loved all the goofy teen dorkiness that abounded in this one.

The other thing we did this weekend was get new bikes! Juan has been wanting to get bikes for a while now and after stalling and research, we finally got a couple. Our price point was pretty low, so we weren’t looking for professional bikes or anything. We ended up at a local bike shop where the owner helped us out himself. It was nice, like a real neighborhood. It’s hard to explain, but in LA, it’s hard to get the real neighborhood vibe. That place was totally giving that vibe though. Kids and adults, all ages, walked in with their bikes or parts for help and/or replacements. It was nice to see a small local businessman doing well, especially in this economy. Been there for around 17 years or something like that.

Juan got a mountain bike because he wants to be able to go off the main road sometimes.

Juan and his new bike. (by Anitza V)

I got a 7-speed cruiser (with a basket!).

Me and my sweet new ride. (by Anitza V)

We went for a ride by the Los Angeles River (which you can see from our apartment balcony). We didn’t ride much, I am so out of shape! It totally kicked my butt.

But I guess that is the hardest part, starting, right? Here’s to making positive changes!

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