Wish I was there.

The Park on a Sunday Afternoon (by Anitza V)

Seriously. How can it already be Monday?!

A couple weekends ago we had a nice BBQ at the park. It was really nice because we took our bikes out, my dad brought a hammock from home and tied it up between to perfectly spaced trees, my sisters cooked an amazing carne asada (and pollo asado too), and was just overall awesome. [pics @ flickr]

Then, we went to a midweek ballgame last week at the Dodger Stadium. They played the Cardinals and were ahead the entire game. We had really nice seats (nicer than any I have ever gotten) and had a good time overall. It was a trip organized by people at work, so there were a total of almost 50 people there from our group. I kept playing with my phone until Juan got there. I couldn’t help it, I was a tad bored so I kept posting tweets and photos while I was there. It was just nice being out and about doing something different in the middle of the week. Oh, and eating a Dodger dog again was great too. [four pics]

So, how are you guys doing? Been pretty quiet around here lately.

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