I’ll miss you, LiveJournal!

Is my geek showing


I started my online-journaling back in January 4, 2002*. I posted quite often most of the time I had it but for the last couple of years, I kept paying for the extras and not even bother with posting. Check out how insightful I was in my first post:

So here I am in my second to the last quarter at UCSC. Marine biology. Don’t ask me what I am going to do when I graduate. I don’t know. Simple as that. X-mas just passed, and, well, all the really cool holidays did. Now I have to wait for the rain to stop here in Santa Cruz, I’m tired of it already.


Well, I shouldn’t be so hard on past me, it’s not like I’ve gotten that much better! My life has really shaped up to be quite good and it has gone through a lot of growth this past year. I keep looking back and hoping I had it all written down. After blogging for so many years, I still think in terms of what would make a good entry or not and so many events came and went and there’s not much more than a single Instagram to denote the occasion.

So, I figured that starting this up on my own domain with some clear goals of things I want to accomplish would get me writing again. I hope it does, because I really do enjoy it. I plan to post about my home life, settling into our new house (both interior decorating and gardening/landscaping), photography, and of course, my nail art obsession since I get asked so many questions about it. If there is something you want to know more about, please let me know. It’d be nice to cater to the couple of you reading 😉

*You might notice that I actually have entries here dating back to 2002. That’s because I transferred all my content from my LiveJournal over. There was no way I was going to leave that behind!