So now I get to mini!spam you…

Because I had forgotten what grinds my gears in my previous post, I get to tell you in a whole new one. 😉

I don’t know if you remember me talking about this service called Listal a while back. Great for cataloging all your media like movies, books, and video games. Well, out of the blue, I get two messages, pretty close to one another.

Message 1:

Hello Cutie
I’m a single guy and my name is frank collins from Virginia Dulles city area. An old friend contacted me on here in this site a while back, and I thought I might find or make others to be my friends and get to know each other like you angel and l will like to know much about you angel cos you profile is so wonderful and you look great in picture . Musical, passionate, fun, creative, and caring are all words that describe me well. Want to know more about me you are free to ask an he time and that love kids so much and looking for my soul mate and l will answer it for you okay and am easy going man and understaning,honest and sharing man and that is supporting all the time I’d love to receive a message from you. and someone who isn’t into playing games, is on a power trip, or looking to emasculate me because I am a man. We should be equals in our friendships, our relationships, and our passions. Respect goes a long way with me, so don’t raise a hand to my face and say, “Oh l hate you when it comes to understand each other and always there for each other all the time and .I have been told that I am very young at heart. That doesn’t mean that I am without a strong work ethic or that I can’t hold up a conversation without saying “dude” all the time. I’m into people who are playful, flirtatious, and a little crazy, all the while grounded with a sense of reality. Artistic, intelligent, musical, and passionate people are my family, and I try to surround myself with them whenever I can and l love going for shopping.and God fearing woman okay and l will like to know much about you and be there for you all the time and l will never leave ur side and it is all about communication we will have together as well and l will like to have Your Yahoo Messenger so that we can chat and get to know much about each other and love me unconditionally,who is kind, sincere, honest, passionate, loyal,sense of humor, loving and wants a lifetime and you? when i went through your profile, i really like it and found both of us %99 compatible,the only %1 missing ……….lol .l will like to hear from you.Anyways, if you want to know anymore about me you can reach me at:


With care


What the hell? Listal isn’t a dating service, dude. I check out his profile just to see where the hell he pulled this compatibility thing out of (you can see how ‘compatible’ you are with other people by the stuff you rate and like. But this isn’t like the “I want to date you” compatible. At least, I didn’t think it was). There was no content, just his lame pic. So I ignored the message.

Then, I get a friend request (god, this is feeling like MySpace!) from this guy named Jalal.

I look at his profile, and he has no media listed, just a bunch of desperate looking middle aged women (mostly). OK, maybe not desperate, but friending someone just because, and seriously, does it not look targeted? I am pretty miffed to be included in that group, to be honest. lol So I reply to the dude with a “Do I know you?”. He replies with “im abdou from france but im moroccain i have 37”. *hd*. I say “That would be a “no”. Listal isn’t a dating service dude.” and he ends with a “ok sorry im sorry”.


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