Random stuff ver 27.9.078

There are a lot of things floating around in my brain, so I will make a list and share.

  • Google is launching a couple of really cool things. Google Streetview will allow you to see real street views of many different cities. To try it out, you can check out San Francisco, and Las Vegas. They are getting bombarded with traffic because it is really cool, so if it is a little slow, give it another shot later.
  • The other thing they are launching is Mapplets, and initially, this may not be very exciting, but what this allows is for third parties to develop applets just like they do for iGoogle for Google Maps. Right now, they have real estate, movie showtimes, and a distance measurement tool aside from Transit maps and other really neat things.
  • Netflix does become a bit addicting in the sense that I love looking for movies and what my friends think of them. Thing is, I only have two friends on there right now (*waves to Tara*), and one of them is my sister. Anyone else out there have Netflix and want to be my friend? If you aren’t and want to try it out, they are having a one month free trial promo which is how I signed up. It is a nice long time to see if you really like this.
  • This whole thing with WFI and LJ and deleting journals and comms and stuff. Wow. There is so much drama on all sides. Seriously folks, just be careful.
  • Immy went down yesterday afternoon. It is a sign of the times that only one person frantically IM’d me about it (I already knew, but thanks, I still appreciate the note). Had this happened two years ago, people would have been frantically running around looking for their friends and raising the alarm with me. Our corner of the internet is slow these days…
  • I work next Sunday. I am doing it voluntarily (I don’t work Sun/Mon) because I needed to ask for next Fri/Sat off for one of our best friend’s weddings. They are getting married on a Fri, so I had to take both days off and the way the work week works out here, the Sunday will cancel out the Friday, so I will only dip into one vacation day for the request.
  • This morning, I was trying to finish OotP on the bus ride to work, but I didn’t get there. I as expecting that I would cry when Sirius fell through the veil (ZOMG LATE SPOILER ALERT!), but it just happens so suddenly, it doesn’t register until Harry is sitting with Dumbledore in his office. Neville’s Crucio attack pained me greatly, and more than Sirius’ fall through the veil. I just love that boy so much. God, I hope they do ok in the movie. I am really excited for it and scared as I am sure most of you are.
  • I think I will finally make a friends-only banner. I pretty much post everything FO. I don’t want new people that run into me to get the impression that the last public posts are my last posts, period. So don’t be surprised if you see that pop up soon.

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