Stuff that didn’t fit in the last one…

I wanted to share this amazing art. The kind that tries to quantify what is so hard for us to imagine, let alone completely understand.

Speaking about art. As I was doing my read of OotP (I need the head start!), I realized that I have never seen fanart with Lupin and his Prefect’s badge! If you know of any fanart with him wearing it, please let me know. I would love to see some fanart of when the Marauders found out about Lupin getting his badge. I bet there were many stages, and if I could, I would do mini comics. Like, the shock of them seeing Lupin with the badge, and then laughing hysterically at the thought. Then at some point, the realization that they were home free! Maybe this could be a prompt for the monthly creative challenges at Immeritus, what do you think, gals?

As I was reading OotP, I finished up after Molly has her breakdown with the boggart in the desk drawer. It is so heartbreaking, it made me cry on the bus. 🙁 I am such a miserable sap!

And because I was talking about it last week, I wanted to share a couple of photos about the filming of Iron Man. They are nothing spectacular, but wanted to share anyway.

The first photo is the one from last week. It is indicative of the industry standard sign for film shoots. The one on the bottom, anyway. I see them all over SoCal and they are always cryptic. The second one is one that I took today as alexih and I walked back from lunch. To go to the place we were going, we crossed the bridge where they are doing all the filming, and I took the second shot. It is more interesting since it shows one of the trucks that I presume is being used in the filming. Has two big gaping holes on the box. Click either one to enlarge.

Iron Man Hey, I didn't stop!

Just wanted to share a little bit of SoCal that isn’t burning right now.

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