Too much.

Juan picked me up really late from work because 1) he worked late, and 2) he went to go check out a couch that we are going to buy. As I left the office building, I noticed a ton of fire engines and a lot of cars and people. I looked over to the dock and saw the Catalina Express turning around and leaving. At first, I thought there might have been an accident. Our offices are located right above one of the terminals to go to Santa Catalina Island.

I walked over to a firefighter and asked if everything was ok. He says they are evacuating. o_0 Evacuating what?! I was in the building! No one told me anything! I was all alone!
“The Island”, he says.
“What? Catalina? Why?!”
It’s on fire.”
:O  “Is it serious?”
“It’s getting to Avalon. It’s pretty big, you can see it from here“. (By “here”, he meant the mainland, not where we were literally.) “The ferries are evacuating the island.”

I have friends that work on the island.

They just had a pair of bald eagles hatch chicks without any assistance on the island for the first time in forever.

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