“Better” is a relative term.

Thank you ladies for sending me so many get-well wishes over the past week and a half. I want to update about this weekend, but first I wanted to talk about today. After the awesome wedding on Friday (where I worked as a photographer and partied as much as I could), before we made it home, I was already falling apart. The coughing was so bad that at one point I think I tasted blood from my poor shredded throat. After we dropped off the newlyweds at their apartment (Juan was the bestman and designated chauffer), we pulled into the first 7/11 and he bought a bottle of Aquafina (if I could have said something, I would have said Dasani, but Aquafina is close enough – so long as it wasn’t Arrowhead) and a Starbucks frap. By the time we made it home, I had already downed the 1-liter bottle of water and half of the coffee drink. I was having to really focus on my breathing to stop myself from coughing as much as I could, but really, it was awful.

We got home and I eventually fell asleep at around 4 in the morning. I slept through the next day and woke up in the afternoon. I still felt like I was dying and wanted to go to the doctor’s. Juan didn’t think it would change anything, that it was merely payback for being a retard the day before. I was so mad at him and he was so frustrated with me being sick for so long that for the rest of the afternoon we didn’t speak. He had a point, I should have taken better care of myself the day of the wedding but I was in no position to accept that responsibility. I was looking for sympathy gawddammit!!

Anyway, we cooled off and had some dinner and watched The Bourne Supremacy. It was really good, even if at the time, the long car chase sequence at the end was really long. I’ve never had that problem, maybe because it was late and I am sick. *shrugs* Anyway, that (soon-to-be) trilogy is really good and has really fostered a love for Matt Damon that I never thought I would publicly admit to. He is hawt. OK, so perhaps it is Jason Bourne who has me swooning like a teenager, but either way, I am excited about The Bourne Ultimatum this summer, and luckily, so is Juan. 😉

Then yesterday, after being cooped up all weekend, we took out my little sister to Borders because she wanted to buy a few mangas. I bought The Golden Compass trilogy and am excited about starting to read that. Then I mentioned that Oceans Thirteen came out this weekend, and since all three of us were really excited about it, we watched it after eating a nice Sharky’s dinner.

OMG. It was fantastic. It really, really, really was. It was wonderful, hilarious, smooth, stylized and so many other things.

There are so many great moments, wonderful one liners, and this time, instead of having some exotic European location to shoot in, they went to Mexicali, in Mexico for one of the funniest little storylines ever (Turk and Virgil incite a strike and shut down a factory for unfair working conditions and low wages using one of Emiliano Zapata’s most famous quotes. Best part about it is that they totally believe in what they are doing.) Actually, Turk and Virgil give us some of the best laughs in the entire thing (“I offer you an olive basket and…” instead of an olive branch!!).

Oh, and Clooney, Pitt, and Damon were absolutely divine. I have such a mad crush on those men right now, it really isn’t appropriate. I get all flustered just thinking about it. I love the back and forth the boys have in all their scenes. I even loved how they got rid of people wondering what happened to Catherine Zeta-Jones and Julia Roberts’ characters from the get go. “This isn’t about them!”

So do I recommend it? Hell yeah!

Today, I got up and was dreading the doc appointment that I needed to make. Actually,

‘s recent lj posts have reminded me of this appointment. I went in for a uterine biopsy.

Last year, I had two ultrasounds. The first one was pelvic with a full bladder and everything. They didn’t get a great picture and scheduled me for a vaginal one. Yay. OK, so I went in and endured that uncomfortableness. They told me that I had ovarian cysts (how many, I don’t recall). It was normal, and this could be why I was having amenorrhea/irregular periods/heavy ones/etc. It should dissolve on it’s own, but it sent up a red flag and was told that I needed to schedule a uterine biopsy to rule out cancer. OK, so that was a bit scary to swallow. Because of insurance (HMO), they needed to get approval first and somehow, with the holidays and the wait for approval, I was never called back in. I neglected to call back as well and since my periods were getting back to normal (not that that is a good thing either, but whatever). It nagged at the back of my mind and finally, I called and scheduled it again.

My appointment was today. I was a little anxious because of how uncomfortable this in-office procedure was going to be. For those of you unfamiliar with what this is, they go in vaginally and scrape off cells from the inside of your uterus.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?!

I can seriously feel my uterus right now. I don’t think I have ever clearly felt it before. Having the speculum and all sorts of other instruments inserted at your annual is not fun. It makes me cringe at the thought of it. But having my cervix dilated because it was tight and then gettin my uterus scraped was the most uncomfortable and painful thing I have ever had to willingly endure. All I could think of was how I never want to have children. lol I saw white rings when my eyes were closed as they scraped for the longest 15 seconds of my life. I hadn’t realized how bad I felt until it was over and I was still breathing like if I was in a lamaze class. The doctor told me to relax, that I had done great, even if I didn’t feel like I had, and that I should just lay there for a few minutes before I tried to get back up. She said that sometimes the blood drains from your head and that you just need to chill and let your system recover itself. I just nodded in emphatic agreement because I knew that if I tried to sit up at that point, I would probably topple over or fall back.

I honestly don’t think that I have a low tolerance for pain. I think my pain tolerance is actually pretty good. But this made me cry a little after the doctor and nurse left because it was just so overwhelming. I hope I never have to do anything like that again.

The doctor, who is a lovely young woman that I feel like I can tell anything to, told me that she really didn’t expect to find anything, but it was just a precaution. That I will get my results in about a week to ten days. Then we talked birth control and she gave me a sample of Loestrin24FE, which I asked about, as well as a prescription for it that I can start after my next period if my results are clear.

I wanted to get out of there. But I didn’t feel like getting on the bus. My mind was hazy, my body uncomfortable. I went down to the pharmacy and bought some Motrin which they told me would help, especially if I get cramps as is normal for the next 24 hours. I took two of them and drank some water at the fountain, and made my way out to the bus stop just in time to see it go by. Dang. So I sat and waited the 20 minutes and now, here I am at home. With the weirdest feeling in my, well, I guess that would be my uterus.

Glad I am feeling better though. :/

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