A non spoilery update

Well Flist, it only took me all afternoon to go through 240+ posts. I read pretty much everything (some faster than others) but didn’t really comment on any of your fabbity reviews. I did a lot of head-nodding, head-shaking, and even some “aha!’s”.

My quick non-spoilery review of DH is thus: it was awesome.

I cried a lot.

photo.jpg This post is really more about last Friday which starts with another whale watching trip. My last post talks about the awesomest whale watching trip ever of the day prior. I was meant to work doing presentations at the Aquarium that day, but apparently Telemundo (locally channel 52) wanted to go on a whale watching trip that day since they missed the media event on Thursday. Well, they needed a Spanish spokesperson again and luckily, my education manager told them it was ok for me to go. So I went on the boat and crossed my fingers that we would see some more whales. Fortunately, we saw at least five individual blue whales, many sightings. It was really great. The reporter was also nice and we hung out. I didn’t get to see the news that night (hello, DH party!?) but I might’ve come out on the 6 o’clock news. I did, however, come out in some of the shots in the press event of the day before.

KABC-TV Channel 7 – Article and video. I come out in a group shot inside for a split second, am wearing a long stone colored skirt in uniform.
AFP story was posted in France, Turkish Press and on The Raw Story. I am in the photo on those. My back is anyway.
Telemundo’s story based on their affiliate who was on the boat on Thursday, not the ones on Friday. Not very good, but pretty good photos (even if they used a BELUGA illustration instead of a BLUE WHALE). Actually, since that is in Spanish, why don’t I show you NBC’s story in English? The Oakland/SF affiliate even has a video.

Wristband So anyway, after going out and watching some whales, I got back to land and bought some lunch. Ate, went home and got ready to go to The Grove for the midnight party. There were quite a few of us going. Juan, my sisters, [info]ozo_head, [info]ressacjane, and more friends from work. I was a little pissy that B&N decided to start passing out wristbands at 9 in the morning. Hello people, work?! But when we got there, we were in group “G” which wasn’t too bad. There were 75 people per group and they were also giving out double letters for people without reservations. All I could think of is “why bother waiting here?” if you didn’t have a preorder? There were tons, TONS of people there. Something in the neighborhood of 2,000 people. Newscrews. It was crazy.

Sushi! We were of course hungry, so after getting our wristbands we walked away from the overpriced restaurants and ate at the Farmer’s Market next door. I had some yummy sushi,[info]kaptainsnot had falafels,[info]xonomei had pancakes, and Juan had a cheeseburger. Talk about options! Then we walked back to the bookstore and watched and listened to The Remus Lupins (can’t wait to hear what new stuff they come up with after reading the book) and we took photos with Hagrid and Harry Potter (I have to scan the polaroid in!) They also had a jelly bean counting contest that I am irked at because I never heard the results. After being tired of standing around though, we found a corner to sit at in the art section and looked at books. Once our group started gathering, we played HP Scene It! until my laptop battery died.

IMG_6708 Photo op with Hagrid and Harry photo.jpg photo.jpg

At about 11:30 p.m., they kicked us out of the store to start preparing for the actual sale. About fifteen minutes later, the employee that was dressed as Harry Potter came out and read the last chapter of HBP. I would have been happier listening to Jim Dale, but it was a nice gesture. We all waited outside. It was frustrating because people that were at the end of the alphabet (or simply nowhere near the front) would not get away from the doors. It made it really impossible to get through. We were in the G group, so we waited a little ways away until they called for F. Then we got close! But before it got to that, there was some waiting to do and in that wait, this pair of rednecks came over and interviewed [info]kaptainsnot and me. *hd* They had been interviewing people all night. They approached our group of people, and in true HP fashion (try and remember the movie), our friends all stepped back and made us look like volunteers. So we agreed and they asked us stupid questions. “Do you like to read books about wizards?” lol I saw the show, it is actually pretty funny, even if it is painful to watch at times. It was The Red State Update on YouTube. We show up for a quick question at the 4:30 or so mark. *shakes head* Once the camera turned off, the guy with the beard was actually really nice and apologized for their behavior. You know you want to see it.

So anywho, we got our books just after one in the morning. We were ecstatic and headed straight home. I read a little on the way back home (with my Lumos Lightwedge) and couldn’t keep my eyes open by the time we got home. It had been a long hot day in the sun and it was now Juan’s birthday. Oh, speaking of which, we girls sang him “Happy Birthday” at the midnight mark (after

totally stole my midnight hug/be the first to wish happy bday to my husband moment *glares*). He got all cute and embarrassed. He was really good all night. Despite the fact that he doesn’t care about HP, he didn’t complain. When he got bored, he always found something to do, like take amusing photos which you should totally check out. They are all in my midnight party photo set on Flickr.

So yeah, that was my Friday. Saturday is a whole other post. 😀

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