Like the icon says. Blah.

I feel so tired, achey, bloated, irritable. Yep, it is that time of the month. Yay. Oh, you know what’s even better? Today is our anniversary. Our third wedding anniversary. Our 11th of being together was on Sunday, and it passed without a mention because we’re over it. And really the big deal this go round was that we had an excuse to indulge on iPhones. But in all reality, we would have gotten them regardless, from the looks of it. I am just sad that we probably won’t go out and have a nice dinner because I feel utterly craptastic. Oh well.

I just noticed how terrible I have been about replying to my comments. Sorry guys! Like I told Tara in one of the comments, what ends up happening is that I read them while I check my email in a rush, and then I feel like it is taken care of later. So I forget to check back and reply. *is lame* Yeah, so if I missed a comment, especially if you had a question, let me know. I went back a couple entries.

I can’t believe that HP is out this week. I have friends watching it tonight. I am waiting until Sunday. I have a long work week ahead of me and I will enjoy Sunday when it comes around.

Oh, and if you get an email from me with the line “Sent from my iPhone”, I didn’t put it there, my iPhone did. *facepalm* I hadn’t noticed it until I read a sent email. lol I am not that pretentious.

ETA: So remember how I said it is our anniversary? Well, this morning, I woke up from a horrible nightmare. I dunno how, but Juan died. It was all the aftermath, me bawling my eyes out, everything was in dark grays, tons of people. Thing is, I hardly knew any of them. They were all there for his wake/funeral, but as I cried and cried, no one would comfort me. I wanted to just fall apart in someone’s arms and cry my heart out, but no one bothered. I would find myself sneaking off to email la chusma or post online because I knew that at least you guys would care. Apparently, everything happened so fast that not even our friends knew, I dunno why. I finally woke up and saw Juan lying there and I had to reach out and touch him to make sure he was real. What a great way to wake up to your anniversary, eh?

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