Oh boy, here I go… *spoilers*

Snape is good.

Now before you come at me with jinxes, curses, or charms, let me explain. In a world where Harry Potter is a pop culture phenomenon, a world where people read and others become fen, there are certain things one must remember: it really does come down to black or white.


Snape is an incredibly complex character and makes for a great debate. I love to hate him. I have never been a fan because I always thought that he was a big prat. I still can’t really understand how so many people are so devoted to loving him. I like to delude myself into thinking that it is 49% Alan Rickman and 50% romanticism of a character who, if you all experienced in real life, would not be able to stand. The idea that he would be an ass to everyone except you.

So no, I don’t think Snape is a good person. I don’t think that he was a great man. But I do think that eventually, he did become a great hero. I do believe that in the end, he did it all for the right reasons. One is allowed to grow, change their mind, progress, and mature. He did so. Unwillingly. Surprisingly, even to himself, I am sure. But he changed.

And when people are asked whether Snape was good or bad, it will be an A or B decision. You don’t get to sit in the middle and play the gray card. You have to decide. You don’t get to pick and choose how you interpret the question because the populace will have already decided that for you. It means ‘was he on the good side, or the bad side?’. And he inevitably was on the good side. He was on the good side, therefore he was good.

But he was still a prat.

You should all read

analysis of Snape’s character. It is a lengthy but oh-so-enlightening read.

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