She was thinking about us!

Hopefully you all caught Dateline tonight. When asked if she regretted killing anyone off, Jo of course said “no”, but she did talk about how hard it was to kill Dumbledore and Sirius.

“Just before Phoenix was published I went online and looked for fan sites, I’d just never done it before. And one afternoon I did and boy that was a bit of a revelation I had no idea how much was out there. And one the fan sites out there (with a grimace on her face) was dedicated entirely to Sirius Black. I had no idea he had his own fan site, his own fan club. Started by these teenage girls, I think, and they all loved Sirius and I knew that he had about three weeks to live, it was terrible!” -transcribed by me, so it may have errors

I love how she thinks we were teenagers. lol


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