So, for the good news…

I had to get the other stuff off my chest, but I want to move on and think about the good things. So here they go in list format:

  • I bought 16 tickets to HP at IMAX, which you might remember me mentioning before. But aside from that, we also are having a book club meeting the Monday before DH and it looks like a lot of people from work aside from my friends will also be going to The Grove for the book release. I am bringing along my laptop and HP Scene It so we plan to have a blast.
  • I was going to be the best wife in the whole wide world again this year. I got even closer than last time. Last year, for Juan’s bday, I really wanted to get him a day of race car driving school. This year, I actually did it. Then we realized that he needed to drive stick. And he never has. And then instead of seeing this as an opportunity to learn it, he freaked and made me cancel. Granted, it was becoming very difficult even finding a car that didn’t have an automatic transmission. Let alone scheduling time to drive and all. He wasn’t going to be confident enough to be able to drive a stock race car on a track and enjoy it. C’est la vie. Perhaps another year.
  • For our anniversary (yeah, that’s a good excuse!), we totally splurged. Spoiled ourselves rotten. I didn’t want to post until I had it in my hand. Juan stayed in line last Friday after work, purchased something that was out of stock, and it got delivered to my door today. Can you guess what? Oh yeah baby, it is an iPhone. An 8GB iPhone. Each. *dies* It is so awesome, the only thing that does it justice is to hold it and play with it in your own hands. I can get youtube videos, my gmail, LJ, pretty much everything, except flash, interestingly. The camera on it is lovely. And yes, I know it has it’s downsides, but man, the good outweigh the bad by a ton! We are in love all over again.

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